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Solid Telecoms is an International telecommunications service provider priding ourselves on reputation and trust.


Our long-term business partners are located globally and we consistently develop new strategic connections through our existing trusted partners.


Solid Telecoms customers and suppliers include fixed line operators, mobile operators, retailers, VoIP service providers and OTT players.  



In this evolving industry, trust and experience are priceless. Our company is extremely valuable with our consistency in relationships and financing. Our goal is to produce alternative solutions and think out of the box with effective results to the telecommunication industry.



Our network offers benefits with rapid direct voice interconnects and cost effective enhanced call signaling controls with hubs located throughout the world. 

SolidTelecoms offers voice services and SMS solutions worldwide, which fulfill all the requirements of our customers to include the highest quality, advanced network technology, precise monitoring system and a strong commercial team.  These components are the key to our success and keep us recognized in the telecoms industry.




VoIP SMS is an easy and affordable way to send text messages over the Internet. We are able to integrate a SMS service thru VoIP telecom operators avoiding other platforms or software, and API protocols allows SMS messages to be send automatically, saving tons of time, human errors and money.

Solid SMS Services are timely and cost efficiently, you can easily send or receive SMS messages through any website or App, making it possible for your business to run 24/7.

We offer SMS services timely and cost efficiently


SMS marketing and promotions

Text messaging is the easiest way to get in front of your customers.

Manage and segment customer for targeted communications, assistance and interactions.


SMS notifications and alerts

Used for broadcast or personalized contact.

Right message, right time.


Two Factor Authentication

Use SMS or voice codes to verify customer account credentials and keep your data safe.


Appointment reminders

Schedule the most appropriate time for your notifications.

Send automated confirmation messages to remind customers of upcoming appointments.



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